Interns on SchoolTour 2011

04.03.2011 YFU

After a long train trip we finally arrived to our first destination: Kemi. A ghost station… But although it was only 9 am. we got a really nice welcome by a friendly Couchsurfer, who offered us his couch (actually even a bed!) to sleep for the night. He also showed us around a lot, we visited the LumiLinna, Ice Breaker Sampo and we even had coffee at IKEA in Sweden. It was a great day.

Day two (Samia):
Second day on the road … nervous, tired, excited and very happy about my first school visit!! I woke up early in the morning to catch the train that would take me to Yilitornio (Yli..what?) Yes, a beautiful small village located some kilometers away from Kemi. Sari, a teacher, was already waiting for me at the train station to take me to their school.

The students were kind of excited about having somebody visiting them from far far away. The school presentations went very good and the students participated and had a lot of questions. On the evening I started my journey to Rovaniemi.. the landscape is getting more and more snowy -and beautiful of course-

Day three (Carola):
Rovaniemi! Home of Santa, northern lights and reindeer- wait! Umm… where do you all hide? Santa closes his doors at 5 pm., the northern lights seem to think, Rovaniemi is already bright enough… and even the reindeer who nearly annoyed me during my Finland trip last summer by always standing patiently exactly there where I wanted to drive, even they seem to have disappeared…

But then I discovered new attractions! I visited Sinettä koulu where every class had built so nice ice sculptures outside alongside the road… I did two presentations in German classes there and I felt very welcome… let’s see, what else this trip will bring :-). 

Day four (Samia):
Today was the day… Yes the day when I finally met Santa Claus! But this was not the only exciting part of my day.

My school presentation in Sinettä was great! I talked with the 8th and 9th graders, who where really interested about going abroad. They have even showed me their school, they took me to take a tour around it and to see the skating rink, the downhill ski track and the labs.

On the afternoon we continued with our stop: OULU! More about that later…

Samia on Meksikosta ja Carola Saksasta – he kiertävät suomalaisia kouluja YFU:n interneinä maaliskuun ajan. Neitokaisten tunnelmia Suomesta ja suomalaisista päivitetään tänne viikoittain!

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