YES vapis

Haku vapaaehtoiseksi YES 2023 leirille on parhaillaan käynnissä! Hakemusten deadline on 19.1.2023. Valitut vapikset saavat tiedon hyväksymisestä 10.2.2023. Lue lisää alta, tai suoraan tapahtuman nettisivuilta.

”When selecting volunteers, the Core Team is looking at the quality of the application, and the motivation and skills the applicant is able to show. In 2022, 50% of the volunteers at the YES were there for the first time. The experience required for roles varies. We also strive to balance gender and geographical distribution.

We will ask your member organisation for a recommendation for you, so we recommend that you inform them beforehand about the role you plan to apply for at the YES.

The YES will cover all the costs for the selected volunteers, except the IGLs, whose costs are covered by their MOs. Applications are open to YFU volunteers from all over the world, but keep in mind that for volunteers outside Europe, we can only cover travel costs partially, up to 300 euros.”

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