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Etsimme isäntäperheitä syksyllä 2023 Suomeen saapuville vuosioppilaille. Lisäämme vaihto-oppilaiden esittelyt sivulle sitä mukaa kun saamme niitä.

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Suomeen on tulossa elokuussa noin 40 nuorta. Täydennämme sivustolle heidän esittelyjään seuraavina viikkoina.

“I hope to learn the language very well and to be more confident as a person.
Also, I want to get to know many people and learn from them”

“(I want to) become more outgoing and gain some experience with different people
as well as gain language skills”.

“I hope, that I will get more self-confident, that I make many new experiences
for life and that I hear different perspectives on the world than the German

“I believe (that during my exchange) I will become more self-confident. I will also be able to speak a
totally new language.
I will learn a new way of seeing the world by living in a new country.”

“The reason I want to make an exchange year is mainly for the experience.
The experience of the life in another country! like school, nature, lifestyle
in general, the people and their culture.”

“I think this exchange will allow me to grow up, to be more independent, to
meet new people and new personalities. I hope to discover new cultures and
life styles.
So I think that it will help me to be a better person”

“I believe the culture will affect me as a person and will give me another point of view when it comes to how people live their life and what their mindset is.”

“I would like to gain an option to pick and chose from in a culturel sense Also getting to know new people and another lanuage and trying out a lot of new stuff. Throwing myself into cold water a bit.”

“I know that I’ll definitely come back from abroad more independent and with more self-confidence. All in all, I cannot wait to take this very special and important step in my life!”

“I decided to spend a period of study abroad to get involved and to try to
overcome my shyness by going to another country.”

“I believe this exchange will bring some positive changes in my life, probably
help me grow, mature and improve my organizational skills.”

“I will be more independent, more fluent in English, and understand daily
Finnish conversation.
I will meet a lot of people and broaden my horizon.”

“I’m honest, trust, funny, active. I stay up late.
I hope I can find myself during exchange and become the real me.”

“I hope I’ll get to know and understanding other family situations / perspectives,
deal better with unfamiliar / new situations
and become more self-confident.”

“I think that an exchange year abroad will give me more experiences and let’s me grow on my own.”

I’m an open minded, curious and shy person.
I hope (my exchange year will influence me as a person) that I won’t be as shy as I’m right now.”

“Making new experiences in a new surrounding will be a very formative experience and teach me a lot about life and a lot about myself. I hope to learn to speak the language better, make new friends and understand the culture.”

“I am energetic, nice and ambitious. I like to be around people, but I also need time for myself. (On my exchange) I hope growing as a person and gaining experience and knowledge.”

“I hope that my year abroad will give me new perspectives on the world. I
am also looking forward to experiencing a new version of family life and a
new school system.

“I hope that I can gain many new experiences and become a more independent and selfconfident person. I would like to try many new things and get to know life in a different country.”

“I hope that during my exchange I will gain a new perspective on life and be able to use my experiences to solve problems and better myself socially.”

“I would describe myself kind, caring, honest, creative, trustworthy, warm-hearted, genuine, polite and open minded. On my exchange I hope to get more cultural and get more open minded”

“I hope the exchange will boost my self confidence and teach me to speak infront of other poeple. In total the exchange year will make me more independant and mature.”

“I hope I will be a spontaneous person, who know a new country, language and culture and be a person who has a second family and new friends in finland.”

“I will always try my best improving things that i have fun doing and also im
trying to be helpful in many situations. I hope my exchange will help me to improve my english skills and social interaction
skills by a lot.”

“I am a funny, friendly and helpful person, sometimes forgetful. I am often optimistic and I love my life, my friends and family. I think that I am gonna be more independent and that I have more new and great experiences.”

“An introvert who still happy to meet people and love to exchange culture. I am good at cooking Thai food and I am a punctual person. I hope my exchange year will give me more self esteem and new culture.”

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Suomessa olevat vaihto-oppilaat:

victoria, saksa

Helsingissä tällähetkellä asuva Victoria pitää luonnosta ja on taitava käsistään. Hän harrastaa mm. valokuvaamista.

“My interests are arts and painting, reading, cooking, scouts and playing the recorder.